Fair settlement

At ANV, we aim to settle valid claims fairly and promptly. We understand the importance of this; after all, one of the main reasons for purchasing re/insurance is to ensure there is financial security in place when the unexpected happens.

Quality service

We recognise that it can be unsettling for a business when a loss occurs. The claims team at ANV works closely with insureds and brokers to ensure that claims are handled promptly in line with policy terms and conditions and in a fair, appropriate and consistent manner. This does not mean that all claims are covered. However where the claim is not covered, ANV aims to communicate clearly and transparently with insureds and brokers to explain why that is the case.

Claims intelligence and experience

ANV’s claims team consists of highly experienced and qualified professionals who specialise in distinct areas of insurance. The team has many years experience of adjusting and settling claims, as well as working with brokers and other industry specialists to provide constructive solutions to problems faced by our Insureds.