FairValue Statement

ANV FairValue Commitment

A reputation for high ethical standards makes ANV a partner of choice for brokers who value fairness & transparency.

ANV believes that developing products which deliver genuine value to policyholders will ensure we build sustainable programmes with strong retention rates.

We understand that customers are our business, therefore ANV is committed to analysing the information we hold on distribution, claims, and complaints - and feeding this back into the design of products and associated services, so that policyholders can be confident they will receive a quality insurance offering.

Meeting the needs of policyholders

  • ANV products should add value to the target market and should offer fair value for the policyholders and/ or beneficiaries at inception and throughout the lifetime of the product.
  • We will provide targeted products and services, in partnership with our clients where applicable, and validate that they are marketed and sold accordingly.
  • ANV employees are skilled and trained professionals, who are committed to delivering services in a manner that is consistent with our internal set of values and behaviours – collaboration, entrepreneurship, being results focussed, being leaders and acting with trust, honesty and integrity.

Meeting the expectations of policyholders

  • We ensure that customers can make informed decisions about ANV products.
  • Transparency is important to us: we provide clear information about our products, that is easy to understand and clearly explains limitations as well as benefits.
  • We handle claims promptly, inline with the product terms and conditions, keeping consumers up to date with progress and setting out clearly the reasons for the decisions we make.
  • ANV will closely address concerns or complaints where customers are dissatisfied with any aspect of our product or service. 

This approach is undertaken whilst ensuring that we:

  • Promote transparency and fairness, when conducting business, in the interests of our  customers, clients, employees, capital providers and other service providers.
  • Treat our employees with respect, allowing them the opportunity to develop innovative policyholder solutions without stifling creativity.
  • Work alongside reputable partners who meet our high standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Engage with third party providers and consultants who share our values and approach to the way in which we run our business.
  • Provide the necessary governance and subsequent comfort to our stakeholders that the way in which we conduct ourselves meets not only regulatory requirements but our own high standards.